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If I become satisfied with myself and accept my flaws I come off as cocky and conceited. If I stay humble and modest I come off as a person with low confidence. The worst thing a person can tell me is that I’m conceited. I hate that judgement, I rarely get it but when I do because I take a picture of myself or whatever, it hits hard. I don’t wanna be labeled as that type of person (the person who thinks they’re pretty and above all). It offends me because I take pride in being humble and good natured. Character over looks any day but in truth, I honestly think I’m ugly but not in the way you would think. It’s not the ugly in which everyone fears or looks down upon but the ugly that comes with acceptance. That’s how I live life, knowing that because I am who I am, I can do whatever I want not minding people’s judgements. All I have learned is that even if I’m just sitting somewhere minding my own business or doing absolutely no harm to anyone, I can still be judged and harmed with words, but that’s just life. You can never win over other people, the only person you can overcome is yourself.

In the end, I just hate that a person can be doing absolutely nothing to harm someone but still be judged so quickly.

but that’s just how people are.

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