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I’m pretty sure the following goes without saying, but we need a little reminder everyone now and then.


1) Tip well, but not too well. There is a certain point where it begins to seem like you just can’t calculate. 

2) Rules of etiquette encourage a man to stand when a woman leaves or enters a room. In the 21st century this would be considered less chivalrous and more… odd. Replace standing with pulling her chair out for her when you first arrive and leave for good.

3) For god’s sake hold the damn door.

4) Napkin goes in your lap, not on the table or tucked in your shirt. If you leave with the intention of returning (restroom etc.) place your napkin on your chair not the table. To a veteran waiter/waitress a napkin in the chair signals the intent to return and they wont clear the spot. 

5) Let her try your food. If you’re afraid of germs it’s fine not to share but you’re not allowed to kiss her later either. 

6) Ask to be allowed to pay but don’t insist some women really don’t like it and being to pushy for the check can capsize and evening.