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'Good guys' need to stop whining like little b*tches and up their game. frannyfirstyear got it right. If a guy is truly good and worth keeping, he knows it, the people around him know it, and it shows in the way he conducts himself - his humility is his charm.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with you and all you do is complain, then you’re a chump. Stay right where you are because the opportunities/girls are passing you by and moving onto guys who have their sh*t together. There is no excuse not to do better.

At one point or another, I haven’t always been as great as I am now, but it took time and self-reflection to realize what my strengths and weaknesses are. As I evolve and adapt, I learn, improving on my strengths and working on my shortfalls. Trust me, it’s a humbling experience, but well worth the journey.

There is no better liberation from apprehension than constant growth and self-improvement. Keep learning and evolving - stop being a ‘good guy.’

Start here…and thank me later


I’m not talking about actual genuine good guys, I’m talking about the guys who say they are good guys and complain about how no woman wants them. This is what I was thinking about in the shower, I know but whatever. Like if you’re an ACTUAL good guy then you shouldn’t need to fucking tell everyone in the world how you are a good guy and how no one appreciates you. You just do the good deed because you are a DECENT person and it makes YOU feel good. A good guy doesn’t need to fucking announce all of his goodness. He just does it regardless of whether people notice. A good guy doesnt put on a ‘good guy’ act to get girls. It’s just the way he is. I hate when I see guys saying man fuck being a good guy no girls want me. Because that just shows you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If youre a good guy eventually a good girl is going to notice and you’ll probably have more then a good life. So really in the end it all works out. Also, I hate when guys complain about being a gentleman and not getting appreciated for it. A gentleman just DOES things because its a good thing to do for a girl. My stepfather opens my moms car door EVERY SINGLE TIME they go to the car because he loves her and he just wants to. I have never ever heard him mention it or brag about it. Don’t brag about being a gentleman, it’s a turn off. Just do it. Don’t expect a girl to fall on her face thank you for opening a simple door for her. But girls, do try to say thank you because it IS the polite thing to respond with. I just hate the “good guys” in the world who are actually just whiney men who are mad when they aren’t getting immediate praise for little things.